About Zoe's Wish


Zoe was a normal, healthy, active young woman until she became ill very suddenly in December 1999, there was no real warning or any reason that we know of yet, but she had been struck down by TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) a rare and life-threatening blood disorder.

For the next fourteen months Zoe had to travel 80 miles for treatment, often seven days a week, each journey taking on average a total of two hours each day. Her treatment, the exchange of her plasma for donor plasma plus her consultations, took on average four hours each day.

Zoe’s life had been suddenly and dramatically changed by her illness. She could no longer go to work, and had to rely on her family and friends for transport to and from the hospital. She had to find the money to pay for her prescription medicines and also for petrol for the journeys.


Zoe learned that there were many other people, young and old in the same position and that many were simply unable to look to family or friends for help.  It was Zoe's Wish  that there should be help available for them and it was her intention to begin a campaign for that help.  She was particularly concerned at the level of increased costs that she herself had experienced and which she knew others in similar need of treatment could not cope with.


Sadly Zoe died in January 2001 at just 23 years of age, her memorial fund has been set up to provide the help she knew was desperately needed.  



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